Complete website design services

Nu-Designs offers a full range of Web design services at very competitive rates. We design one-of-a-kind custom business sites to meet your specifications—simple or complex. Using state-of-the-art Web design tools and a team of creative designers, we offer high-quality site design, logo design, or even a complete redesign working around your company logo.  Check out our full range of services listed below:

Sitemap and Site Wireframe Development

We work with you to determine the pages needed to accomplish the goals of your Web site, organizing the content into the appropriate place on your site to make the viewer’s experience the most productive. When needed, a wireframe can be built to give you a visual walkthrough of the user experience using page mock-ups to get a feel for how the site will ultimately flow.

Initial creative design concepts

After an initial design meeting, based on a discussion of your criteria for a new site, our designers develop design “comps” which are large photos of what various pages of the envisioned site might look like. It is not uncommon to like an element of one designer’s vision plus a layout from another, so two comps are generally produced as part of this process. Once the final design concept is visually approved, the site templates or individual pages can be constructed.

Drupal Theming

Using an approved design, our production staff will create the xhtml and CSS in the form of a Drupal theme.  the theme is the basic look and feel of your website.  It is your custom design in the form of a template. The theme will allow you to create additional pages and content in your Drupal website that will look consistant to the overall design such as colors, fonts, navigation, headers and layout.  Our Drupal themes will closely match the approved design and we will make sure that your theme is cross browser compatible and web compliant.

Logo creation

If you already have a logo we ask you to provide an electronic version for us to use as part of the design process. If you have not developed a logo our designers have the ability to present logo concepts before beginning the overall design. In this fashion all design graphics, colors, and thematic elements can work together within the final design.

We can develop a logo for you based on an hourly rate, Please take an opportunity to see a few of our logo samples.

Graphic production

Within your site we may take advantage of one or more stock photographs, your own product or portfolio shots, or custom-made graphics to give specific pages a custom look. This could be a product cut-away view or flowchart-style graph—all based on the needs of your site and individual pages.

XHTML and style sheet construction

In maintaining non Drupal websites, our production of individual pages now consists of the development of the base set of style sheets (rules) that define page structure, colors, and navigational elements, plus the xhtml (extensible hypertext markup language) that creates the page look, and the text on the page. We follow very progressive standards using a “table-less” approach to maximize how quickly each page loads. This separation of “style” from “content” is now an industry standard making it easier to maintain the overall look of your site without having to make repetitive changes to each page on your site.

Complete site re-design

One of the more frequent requests we get is to keep all of your existing content the same but update the look of the site. Web site design, like the style of clothes or automobiles, changes quickly. If this is an area that interests you, ask about our content management solution—a way to put your existing site content into a system that lets YOU make the changes to individual pages, and gives you the opportunity to design a new look around your new site branding.  We accomplish this by using Drupal as our web platform and we design Drupal themes that are easy to maintain.

Flash, actionscript and multimedia design

Use of Flash for banners, headers and advertising is ubiquitous these days. The immediate future is clearly video and Flash / Video hybrids. If you want to make a strong statement with your site, consider adding multimedia and interactive elements to your project plan. If you want a sample of what it means to have interactivity, be sure to visit our portfolio page which allows visitors to drag and drop elements on a flash stage.

Web site maintenance

If you have a site but have lost your Web master, consider us for providing on-going maintenance services for your company. We can work remotely to make changes quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us for a discussion about what type of maintenance package works best for you.