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October 31, 2014

Norbay: Special Operations Association Convention 2014 (Las Vegas)
Special Operations Association Convention 2014 (Las Vegas) Had a great time at the SOAR 2104 convention.  Met a lot of great guys and wow! the stories.  Thank you SOA for having me (Bruce Christensen) and Eddie Croaker.   read more Read more

MaplesPlumb: sewer problem location accuracy
Locating sewer drain problems is not for the faint of heart. read more Read more

October 28, 2014

National Sports Distributors: Joe Montana and NSD offer Autographed Candlestick Park Seatbacks!
Joe Montana secured ALL the available #16 seatbacks from Candlestick Park and delivered them to National Sports Distributors. Working together, Joe Montana and National Sports Distributors are now offering these Candlestick Park Seatbacks for more Read more

Ken Cooper: Roof Repair Tips
ROOF REPAIR TIPS read more Read more

October 27, 2014

Ken Cooper: New Job Pix - Novato
  Pix from our latest job in Novato -  Read more

October 24, 2014

October 23, 2014

MaplesPlumb: New water heater efficiency requirements are coming
Water heaters are changing.  Again.  That is to say that efficiency requirements for storage water heaters are increasing.  For the most part, standard storage heaters from 40 - 50 gallons will remain the same, as they already meet the minimum efficiency.  However, anything above 50 gallons will require increased effiency.... Read more

National Sports Distributors: Fresno State Chrome Replica Full Size Helmet by Schutt
0 $159.00This is an awesome looking Fresno State helmet! Each Chrome Fresno State helmet has the highly reflective silver look with a red facemask and the green "V" on the back of the helmet. The helmet is made by Schutt and ships directly to you from the manufacturer. Please allow about 7-14 days as each helmet is made... Read more